Cape May Kiwanis Club

  Cold Spring Lifesaving Station
  Kiwanis Club of Cape May Clubhouse Building
History of Our Club

A group of local men met with a representative from Kiwanis International at the office of Assemblyman Ralph T. Stevens on December 16, 1923 with the purpose of organizing a Cape May Kiwanis Club. They formed a temporary organization and elected a slate of officers: Dr. V.M.D. Marcy, President; George P. Wentzell, Vice President; Ralph T. Stevens, Secretary; and Jay E. Mecray, Treasurer.

The fledgling group held its first luncheon meeting with 57 members at the Focer & Mecray Building January 17, 1924. Kiwanis District Governor Robert Rendall of Jersey City presented the Charter to the Club. The new service club had a splendid first year. They donated their first Kiwanis Scholarship, $100, to the most valuable member of the graduating class of Cape May High School. In the Fall they sponsored a movement to acquire land and develop an eighteen hole golf course in Lower Township.

The Cape May Kiwanis Club continues to be the most active service club in Cape May, and is the only Club in the country that owns its Clubhouse, the old Cold Spring Lifesaving Station #136.

History of Our Clubhouse Building

The U.S. Lifesaving Service (USLS) set up lifesaving stations manned by Keepers and surfmen to stem the loss of life from shipwrecks along the coast. The Cold Spring Lifesaving Station, established 1868, is one of 20 in New Jersey. This existing building, built in 1891 on Beach Avenue at Philadelphia Avenue, is an example of the Bibb No. 2 style, named after architect, Albert Bibb, with nine stations of this style built between 1886 and 1891. The U.S. Lifesaving Service operated the Station until 1915 when the Treasury Department moved the USLS into the Revenue Cutter Service which eventually became the U.S. Coast Guard; it operated as an active Coast Guard station until 1935.

Notice the life saving boat ramp at the right front of the building and the number 136 painted on a large deck behind the building. The number identifies the station for airplanes. The Cold Spring Lifesaving Station 136 is now the Cape May Kiwanis Clubhouse.

In 1939 Charles “Nick” A. Swain of the Cape May Kiwanis Club bought the abandoned building from the USCG, at auction, for $120 with the idea of using it as a Boy Scout Headquarters. Nick had been tipped off by a Coast Guard officer, with a Boy Scout son, that the only other bidder was a junk man who planned to demolish the building for its materials, and had bid $100, so Nick bid $120. The Club membership jokingly chided him for paying too much when $101 would have won the auction. A condition of the auction was that the winner had to move the building off the government’s property in 30 days. The Kiwanis paid $1000 to a Wildwood House Moving Co to move the station and put it up on a good concrete block foundation. Being solidly built, the weight of the station, actually broke the mover’s equipment during the short half-block move; but he prevailed and eventually seated the old building on its new foundation. Today it serves as the Cape May Kiwanis Clubhouse. (1041 Beach Ave.)

Past Presidents of the Cape May Club  (* denotes deceased)

* Dr. V. H. D. Marcy 1924
* Floyd C. Hughes 1925
* Dr. J. C. Moon 1926
* T. Millet Hand 1927
* F. Mulford Stevens 1928
* William Spring 1929
* Leslie Tenenbaum 1930
* T. Lee Lemmon 1931
* Charles A. Swain, Jr. 1932
* Lewis T. Stevens 1933
* Daniel J. Ricker 1934
* Albert B. Little 1935
* Steven J. Steger 1936
* William Dwyer 1937
* L. Wallace Douglass 1938
* Clifford Sharp 1939
* Everett A. Cresse 1940
* Edward Griffin 1941
* Clarence Fisher 1942
* John J. Spencer, Jr. 1943
* Herbert Harris 1944
* Mark Frymire 1945
* Harry J. Kunz 1946
* Everett V. Edwall 1947


* Andrew Knopp 1948
* Raymond A. Adams 1949
* Herman Stansell 1950
* A. Gregory Ogden 1951
* R. Archie Swain 1952
* Harry A. Lehman, Sr. 1953
* William B. Marvin 1954
* Charles A. Swain, Jr. 1955
* R. Archie Swain 1956
* Charles L. Carr 1957
* Boyd W. Lafferty 1958
* Cecil F. McCullough 1959
Charles A. Swain, III. 1960
* Fred Barthelmess 1961
* Fred Barthelmess 1962
* Steven J. Steger 1963
* Max L. Kurland 1964
* W. Harry Reeves 1965
* Richard M. Teitelman 1966
* Byron Jackson 1967
* Charles Tryon 1968
* Harry Gilbert 1969
* Maurice Catarcio 1970


* Anthony Ferrante 1971
Robert Fite 1972
J. Richard Ogden 1973
Louis C. Dwyer, Jr. 1974
Frank A. Ross 1975
Charles F. Vogdes 1976
* Dallas C. Small 1977
James R. Washington 1978
Harvey L. Williams 1979
Robert Smeltzer 1980
* John Veldhoven 1981
Donald Dodson 1982
David Danaher 1983
W. Edwin Hutchinson 1984
* Arnold Nyblade 1985
James Rochford 1986
E. Richard Keller 1987
* Andrew Andreychak 1988
* George Jarden 1989
Gerald Reeves 1990
Rick Swain 1991
* Irving Geldman 1992
John Koitsch 1993


* Clayton Reid 1994
Paul Lundholm 1995
Thomas M. Hand 1996
Terrance O’Brien 1997
Lawrence Notch 1998
* Donald Booth 1999
Jean Davis 2000
Rocco DeNote 2001
Duane Tebo 2002
Ralph Bakley 2003
Neil Fisch 2004
Jack Wichterman 2005
Robert W. Elwell, Sr. 2006
Anthony Williams 2007
Richard Williams 2008
Robert Morris 2009
Harley Shuler 2010
Jim Waldie 2011
Jennie McCaney 2012
Thomas Hynes 2013
Carol Hackenberg, 2014
Leonard H. Wilmore, 2015
Kim Allen, 2016/Current